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Participate in Finclusion's free online quizbowl exclusively for students who have completed our courses. Test your knowledge on topics covered in our courses and compete for exciting prizes including gift cards, event tickets, and much more coming soon!

Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 12pm PST


This year's FinclusionBowl is sponsored by


Yellow River Capital is a NYC-based, student-founded investment fund. By bridging theoretical trading simulations to collaborative research and real investment in markets, we revolutionize youth finance forever.

Competition Format

Multiple Choice Exam

During FinclusionBowl, individuals will have 45 minutes to answer a proctored 40 question multiple choice exam. These questions will be pulled directly from Finclusion’s online courses and social media posts.



The top 7 scoring individuals from the multiple choice round will be invited to compete in the live answer round. Each individual will answer a total of 15 questions, and the highest scoring teams will be FinclusionBowl's winners.

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