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Personalized mentorship from our experienced team of mentors. Mentorship sessions can be just about anything: gaining a deeper understanding of concepts taught in Finclusion's courses, careers in finance, or much more!


Program Details

Personalized Mentorship
Finclusion’s 1-on-1 mentorship offers a tailored learning experience. Interact with your mentor to delve into today's evolving investment landscape and the subjects covered in Finclusion's courses. Our mentors are college students and indsutry professionals with expertise in the business domain.



Like all of Finclusion’s programs, this program is completely free and open to all international students. Additionally, all students must complete at least one of Finclusion's courses.

Flexible Sessions

Mentorship sessions can be ongoing or one-time interactions. Virtual meetings are the primary platform, complemented by regular email communication. Each session's structure is customized by mentors and mentees.

Matching Process

After you apply, our team reviews your submission and pairs you with the most suitable mentor.


  1. Currently a high school or middle school student

  2. Have taken one or more of Finclusion's free courses

  3. Interest in furthering investment knowledge to create social change

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